My Natural Science Site on Hiatus

We are sorry that My Natural Science Site is currently not available. I was doing every thing manually and it just did not work very well. Far to time consuming to process and post all the photos that were submitted manually. I tried to automate the website genus specie .com Where all the photos had… Read More »

Dick Francis author

Dick Francis is one of my favorite authors for four reasons.  Dick Francis is a very good storyteller, don’t start reading one of his books shortly before bedtime or you will be up all night. He was a former steeplechase jockey, so the horses in his books are very real. You get can get to… Read More »

Murder in the Marais, Cara Black

Murder in the Marais by Cara Black is the first book in the Aimée Leduc mystery series. Cara Black has set the Aimée Leduc mysteries in Paris France. Aimée Leduc is a young private investigator. She owns Leduc Detective that she inherited from her father. Why was her father  killed after he was no longer… Read More »

Cara Black author Aimée Léduc mysteries

Cara Black writes detective mysteries based in Paris France. The Aimée Léduc mysteries are better read in sequence. The first book Murder in the Marais is when you meet all of the main characters, learn their personalities and how they fit into the fabric of each new mystery. She is an American author whose mysteries… Read More »